Join us for Sunday School each week at 9:45 AM!

Sunday School

First Class

Join us in Room 32.


This class studies the Bible, concentrating on one book at a time. Their goal is to better understand the meaning of scripture as it was written and how it applies to us today. They use a variety of resource materials and endeavor to conduct the class as a “small group,” caring for each other in addition to studying together. They are currently studying the book of Mark, led by Carl Dawson.


Focus Class

Join us in the Conference Room (Room 25).


We’ll begin the year using Promised Land: Living for God Where Culture Is Influenced, a DVD Bible study by Ray Vander Laan, which takes us through the land of the Bible with emphasis on the “historical, geographical, and cultural context of the sacred Scriptures.” We’ll discover how “God led his people to a specific place to impact the world both in ancient times and today.”


This class also supports a child through World Vision and donates to the Honduras Agape Foundation.


Law Class

This class is named for Ernestine B. Law (2/4/1920 - 10/23/1999).

Join us in Room 26.


This class uses The Present Word, a Bible Study series that follows the lectionary scriptures for each week. They help support several missionaries and local mission opportunities.


Short Studies Class

Join us in the Fellowship Hall.


This class is using a new Andy Stanley eight-week DVD study on January 7 called Follow.


“Join us on this journey through the Gospels as Andy traces Jesus’ teaching on what it means to follow.  This study shows that Jesus’ invitation to his first-century audience was really an invitation to relationship.”


In addition to meeting on Sunday mornings, this class also tries to have some type of social outing with fellowship once a quarter.


6th – 7th Grade

Join us in Room 1.


They are using the Re:form – Ancestors curriculum to explore the ancestors of our faith and expose the real, unpolished, and unexpected personalities of New Testament Bible characters.


8th Grade Confirmation

Join us in Room 4.


The Confirmation class is using the We Believe confirmation curriculum from the PCUSA to provide a foundational understanding of our faith, tradition, and Presbyterian practices.


9th – 12th Grade

Join us in Room 2.


They are using the Making it Real and Relevant lectionary based curriculum, which uses contemporary music, movies, and videos to connect faith formation with daily life.

2 - 4 Year Old

Join us in Room 8.


They are using the Dwell curriculum called “Play,“ that introduces preschool age children to thirty-six Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments to reinforce God‘s love for us.


Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Join us in Room 5.


They are using the Dwell curriculum called “Imagine,” which creates an environment where kids are offered opportunities to enter God‘s story and then live it.


2nd - 3rd Grade

Join us in Room 10.


They are using the Dwell curriculum called “Wonder,” which encourages kids to pause and wonder, imagine, and interact with different parts of God‘s story.


4th - 5th Grade

Join us in Room 3.


They are using the Dwell curriculum called “Marvel,” which helps kids to take time to marvel at God‘s love and see that He is still at work in the world and in their lives.

We are a Stephen Ministry Congregation.

Adding New Chapters to an Old Story

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