Stephen Ministry:  Christ Caring for People Through People

What is Stephen Ministry?

Stephen Ministry at First Presbyterian is grounded in Jesus' command to love one another. This ministry provides a caring, non-judgmental and confidential one-to-one relationship between a trained volunteer and a person experiencing a difficult time or transition in his or her life.

w Loss of a loved one w Hospitalization w Divorce or separation w Loneliness or discouragement w Unemployment or a job crisis w Spiritual crisis w A terminal illness w Incarceration w Aging w Birth, adoption, miscarriage, or infertility w A chronic illness w Relocation w Recovery after an accident or disaster w And many more

Who Might Need a Stephen Minister?

We all experience challenges in life-times when we could benefit from the support of a caring Christian friend. Stephen Ministers are ready to provide the emotional and spiritual care needed when we are faced with a crisis, transition or difficulty such as...

Your Stephen Minister

p Has received 50 hours of initial training in important caring ministry skills and concepts p Participates in regular continuing education and supervision under the guidance of Stephen Leaders, without disclosing your name or details of your situation p Meets with you weekly, listens to your concerns, helps you work through difficulties and prays with and for you


How to Request a Stephen Minister

To confidentially request a Stephen Minister:


Call a Stephen Leader:

.  .  .  .   Kathy Brown (803.648.5438)

.  .  .  .   Linda McGurer (803.648.0856)

.  .  .  .   Carol Palmer (803.226.0153)

.  .  .  .   Marilyn Sackett (803.641.7382)

.  .  .  .   Rev. Holly Shoaf-O'Kula (803.648.2662)

How to Become a Stephen Minister

Contact one of the Stephen Leaders listed below who will be glad to discuss the application process with you.

Stephen Leaders:


Kathy Brown (803.648.5438)

Linda McGurer (803.648.0856)

Carol Palmer (803.226.0153)

Marilyn Sackett (803.641.7382)

Rev. Holly Shoaf-O'Kula (803.648.2662)

If You Know Someone Who Would Benefit from a Stephen Minister

v Encourage him or her to call one of the persons listed above v Always ask his or her permission to contact a Pastor or Stephen Leader on his or her behalf

Current Stephen Ministers

w Kathy Cook w George Elkins w Gayle Gordon w Brenda Guerry w Carol Hidlay w Karalee Kludzuweit w Mary Maddrey w Gail Parker w Chris Reichel w Julie Taylor w Judy Thompson

Adding New Chapters to an Old Story

We are a Stephen Ministry Congregation.

First Presbyterian Church

224 Barnwell Avenue NW

Aiken, SC  29801