Adding New Chapters to an Old Story

Grounded in the Presbyterian tradition of Christian faith, we believe that God has placed First Presbyterian Church in this time and place to begin a new chapter in an old story, by developing Christian faith that honors and cherishes tradition, while not being bound by traditionalism. We believe that God is Calling First Presbyterian Church to take up the challenge of communicating the good news of Jesus Christ to generations through:


Meaningful worship that makes the word of God available to both new and mature followers of Jesus Christ;

Relevant instruction focused on growing new disciples and equipping mature saints;

Authentic fellowship that builds true community by emphasizing our belonging to one another through Jesus Christ;

Compassionate Christ-centered outreach that makes a difference, locally and globally.


We believe that God has called us to be a haven of Christian community, and a representative and witness for Christ in Aiken, and in the world.



Class of 2019

Jody Fordham

Mission Committee


Amelia Guerry

Commitment Committee


Sheila Krist

Congregational Life Committee, Chair


Denny McGurer

Commitment Committee, Chair


Rick Reichel

New Member/Hospitality Committee, Chair


Gary Smith

Personnel Committee, Chair/Commitment Committee


Sandy Tucker

Worship Committee, Chair

Class of 2020

Will Callicott

Finance Committee, Chair

Endowment Committee, Chair


Michael Kucharski

Preschool Liaison

Men’s Fellowship


Rick McLeod

Nominating Committee, Chair

Special Task Force


Tommy Patterson

Mission Committee, Chair


Ellen Williams

Educational & Youth Ministries, Chair

Class of 2021

Franklin Buchanan

Educational & Youth Ministries Committee


Gayle Gordon

New Member/Hospitality Committee


Rob Gray

Property Liaison


Brad Kuhn

Memorial Committee, Chair


Clarke McCants

Clerk of Session


Amy Shumpert

Worship Committee


Class of 2019

Nancy Girardeau



Chris Kupcha

Chair of the Diaconate


Dee Verley-Matthews

Meal Delivery

Class of 2020

Janice Cadwallader

Memorial Receptions


Tim McKinsey

Medical Equipment

Minor Home Repair


Mary Sue Wyatt

Card Ministry

Class of 2021

Miranda Anderson

Flower Delivery


Susie Ferrara

Visitation and Respite Care


Hank Reynolds

Extended Communion


Class of 2019

Dean Sackett


Class of 2020

Wayne Rickman


Class of 2021

Ted Girardeau


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We are a Stephen Ministry Congregation.

First Presbyterian Church

224 Barnwell Avenue NW

Aiken, SC  29801