Prayer List

New Requests: September 11 - 25, 2020

Lauren Britt & Family, condolences, death of Lauren's mother Barbara Tucker Charlie Reichel, health concerns, brother of Rick Reichel Kathy Sweeney, condolences, death of sister-in-law

Continuing Concerns

Leslie Benham, cancer, sister of Kay Fickbohm Cleo Boyd, metastatic colon cancer, sister of David Boyd Dave Boyles, health concerns, friend of Denny & Linda McGurer Allen Brockman, cognitive impairment, cousin of Pam Skiles Sharon Brown, blood disorder, cousin of Pam Skiles Dallos Burrough, health concerns, brother of Alecia Wagoner & uncle of Anna Derr Amelia Cotty, cancer treatments, friend of Chuck Dynarski Curt Davis, health concerns Dan Davis, health concerns, brother of Lucy Sutter Lori Dupaw, health concerns, friend of Ray & Kathy Kent Joanne Caldwell Dye, health concerns, daughter of Jo Caldwell Mary Edwards, health concerns Anita Evans, lung disease, aunt of Pam Skiles Brad Evans, kidney transplant, cousin of Pam Skiles Jean Gordon, health concerns, mother of John Gordon Peggy Graf, glaucoma & retinal lesions, sister of Kathy Kent Alice Marie Hall, health concerns Greg Hicks, Parkinson’s disease, nephew of Jean Schwalbert Joyce Jenkins, health concerns Katherine Coleman Jones, health concerns, friend of Jane Keisler Dave Keisler, condolences, death of sister Stephen King, health concerns, brother of Suzanne Jackson Suzanne King, broken collarbone and ribs, mother of Suzanne Jackson Allen Laseter, stroke, son-in-law of Marty Foss Will Lyerly, son-in-law of Judy and Jim Farmer, health concerns Joel McAlhaney, health concerns, friend of the Reynolds’ Family Mac McCord, health concerns, brother of Jane Keisler Thad McCord, cancer, nephew of Jane Keisler Don Melton, health concerns, brother of Julie Taylor Mike Moffatt, life transitions, friend of Pam Skiles John Moorman, health concerns, son-in-law of Chuck Dynarski Karen Nickels, bladder cancer, friend of John & Martha Koehler Eileen Novak, health concerns, mother-in-law of Chick Warner Rob Perry, health concerns, brother of Mary Maddrey Sue Phillips, recovering from neck surgery, friend of the congregation Bill Rickman, health concerns, brother of Wayne Rickman Geri Smith, cancer, sister-in-law of Russell Smith Michael Swineheart, health concerns, friend of Pam Skiles Carol Taylor, health concerns, friend/neighbor of Carol Palmer Penelope Townsend, congenital heart defect, granddaughter of Steve & Jenny Jahn Carl Watkins, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, co-worker of Pam Skiles

Stephen Ministry Training

Rob Gray Nancy Wimberley

In an effort to keep our prayer list up to date, thank you for notifying the church office when the acute need of your friend or loved one has been met.

Updated September 25, 2020

Covid 19 Concerns

First Responders Health Care Professionals and all support staff Susan Colette, Boston, MA, niece of Rose Lewis Katie Grinton, Columbia, SC, daughter-in-law of George & Debbie Grinton Mimi Inman Jennifer Jiles, Joliet, IL, granddaughter of Melinda Moses Ruth Kent, Daytona, FL, daughter of Ray & Kathy Kent Paula Luther Zelma Odom, Augusta, GA, daughter of Lestine Bush Laura Prada, Atlanta Hospital, daughter of Russell & Priscilla Smith Megan Zaepfel, Camden, SC, niece of George & Debbie Grinton Those who are ill or have been exposed Families of those who have died Our country’s leaders and leaders of all nations

Serving Our Country & Community

Aiken Public Safety Isaiah Hale, nephew of Kathy & Ray Kent David Horner, nephew of Jimmy & Brenda Guerry Jerry & Kala Reitano, son-in-law and daughter of Dave Clerc

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Closet

The Medical Equipment Closet is full!

Several years ago, the Deacons began to collect donations of durable medical equipment to loan out to our members and others in the community. You have all responded beyond our wildest expectations! Thank you! In fact, we now have so much equipment, that there is little room to add more to the closet! For now, please check with the church office to find out if we can accept any donation.

We currently have several types of wheelchairs, adjustable crutches, walkers (with and without wheels), shower seats, raised toilet seats, and canes.

If you, or anyone you know has a temporary need for any type of this equipment, we are more than happy to see that you get anything in our closet that fits your needs! Just contact the church office with your request, or stop by the church and visit the closet to find what you may need.

Thank you to all who have provided the equipment. To those who have used it… thank you for its return!