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Mwandi Mission Hospital Project Update

from Bruce Eberhard


There is some very good news to report. Word was received from Ida Waddell that the Minister of Health has exempted visiting doctors from a fee they would have to pay for the privilege of performing gratis services. This ridiculous fee seemed like no more than a scheme to get $1,500 American dollars from doctors volunteering their services.


There is no doubt the Health Ministry is strapped for money. A number of countries have suspended donations as there is suspicion of mishandling of the money. This is why the money from the American Board, Formula for LifeTM necklace sales, U. S. private donors, Global Mission Offerings, and any other money sent to Mwandi is sent to Ida or the Project Manager and accounted for by reports and periodic visits to the hospital. Currently the situation is so bad the hospital has received no government funds to buy needed medicines. All the hospital could do is write prescriptions and the patient would have to travel about 80 miles to buy the medicine, if they had the money. The American board helped out the hospital with a $5,000 grant for medicines and Lawrence Kamba, the Project Manager, saw to the purchasing.


Other good news is that a solar power system is up and running. The hospital runs exclusively from this system during the day (10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) and power from the national Zambian Electric Supply Company (ZESCO) is used at night. A 40% cost savings is being realized. Commercial power is very expensive and unreliable.

A $4,700 donation from the Church of Scotland allowed the purchase and installation of two additional water tanks for the surgeries and the maternity ward. The process of upgrading the water system continues as leaks are being repaired. Already savings are being realized as the additional tanks reduce the time the main source pumps are running.


The Health Ministry has proposed a physical and organizational separation of the Outpatient Clinic from the hospital. This seems unnecessary, but if it has to happen, the ministry says it will build them a new clinic in the village and the UCZ will retain ownership and responsibility for operating it. It is not likely the ministry can come up with money to build the clinic so we are not optimistic. Meanwhile some of the problems other than location can be addressed.

Our Formula For Life™ (FFL) necklace project provides urgently needed funding to help in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission for HIV-negative babies whose mothers are HIV-positive in Mwandi, Zambia. Since the project began in 2009, the total amount of money raised is now over $255,000.


FFL could really use your help, especially with selling events! The only job requirements are a smiling face and a willing heart! There are many upcoming events, including Aiken’s Makin’ (September 8 and 9). Please let the church office know if you would like to help. You can be a part of this amazing mission which is making a difference in our world!


Click here for more information about Formula for Life™.

Honduras Agape Foundation (HAF) manifests the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Honduras by providing medical and dental health care; education assistance; construction; and support for the community of believers.


For more information about Honduras Agape Foundation and its various programs, or if you have an interest in supporting areas of greatest need, please contact Tom Britt.


Click here to visit the Honduras Agape Foundation website.

Local Mission Opportunities


Mission: Provides temporary and emergency aid, in the name of Jesus Christ to persons in need in the Aiken, SC area


Opportunities: Receptionist, interviewer, sorting and filling clothing orders, filling food orders, picking-up furniture, working Senior Food distribution, praying for the ministry

Thank you for your contributions!

Please leave your contributions for ACTS in the baskets in the narthex wings.


December - soap (dish, bath, or laundry)

January - grits/oatmeal/cereal

February - beef stew, complete meals

ACTS needs volunteers!


ACTS needs volunteers in many areas: which one is right for you?


  • Help customers & cashier in the Resale Store
  • Pick up food and donations
  • Help with special events
  • Provide some refreshments for special events
  • Sort donations
  • Help prepare the newsletter for mailing
  • Be a Senior Food Home Delivery substitute driver
  • Tackle small repair projects


Call 803.649.3800 for more information.

Mission:  Provides quality, affordable housing to partner families in need by binding together volunteers, businesses, local government, professional/social organizations, and churches.


Opportunities: Various tasks associated with construction of houses, services on various committees, various tasks at the ReStore and in the office

Mission: Dedicated to improving the quality of life for impoverished, uninsured residents of Aiken County by providing ongoing healthcare in a professional setting.


Opportunities:  Volunteer pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, physicians,nurses, receptionists, (checking patients in and out, answering phones, ordering/checking medications, and data entry)

Mission:  As a therapeutic childcare center serving 110 children everyday between the ages of 2 and 6, Children's Place works toward the vision of a safe and nurturing environment for every child in Aiken County


Opportunities:  Reading to the children, helping with homework after school, and answering the phone

Mission: Dedicated to meeting the needs of the poor and disadvantaged in our community by first providing basic needs of  food and clothing and then providing education and training in areas needed to secure and retain employment.


Opportunities: Preschool readiness; after school mentoring of children and youth ages 5-18; GED tutoring; and introduction to vocational skills (to name a few).

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