Adding New Chapters to an Old Story

Some give by going, others go by giving, and everyone serves by praying.

An Update from Mwandi

by Bruce Eberhard

The annual meeting of the American Partners (AP) was held in Estes Park, Colorado, on October 18-19. The AP identifies itself as basically a fundraising non-profit dedicated to the success of the Mwandi Mission Hospital in Zambia. As such they are responsible for the care and upkeep of the Simba guest house, the salary and housing of Lawrence Kamba the site Project Manager and the salary of the Hospital Administrator (HA).


The financing of major hospital projects is also their responsibility and consumes much of their income.


Since 1992 the bulk of the support for the hospital has come from various churches. One of the discussions germane to our fundraising efforts and our status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization is to not be legally affiliated with a church. To be otherwise would hinder the AP’s ability to obtain support from secular institutions. Although the support of churches is very welcome, the AP per se does not proselytize.


This year finds the AP in the best financial position in five years thanks to $26,000 from a Global Giving campaign, $47,000 total from six churches, and $38,000 from other sources. There was much discussion about implementing a program to increase our presence using social media and how best to keep our donors informed of progress and where their money has gone.


The water supply system is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The concrete pierspiers for the support of the four water tanks are curing (shown in images at right). After curing, the steel support scaffolding will be built and the tanks installed.


Phase 1 of the solar power installation is working out very well and supplied 51% of the power used by the hospital in the past year. It is hoped that the system can be doubled in the coming year so no power will have to be purchased.


Nothing usable goes to waste in Mwandi. Lawrence has used some of the pipes dug up from the old water system and made some tables from them and has used the wooden tiles from the floor repair of the Simba house to do the floor the sun room of the Kudu House.

The Formula For Life™ (FFL) necklace project has been a mission of First Presbyterian Church, Aiken, for over TEN YEARS now! Catherine Vandegrift started the project after visiting Mwandi, Zambia, in late 2008. She saw there was a severe need for infant formula to feed new-born babies who are born HIV-negative to mothers who were HIV-positive. Even at age 96, Catherine continues to be the heart, soul, and inspiration for everyone associated with Formula for Life™. We have sold over $271,000 worth of necklaces and other items so far. Our Zambia mission partner, Ida Waddell, buys the infant formula and manages its distribution. Ida reports that this project has saved the lives of over 500 babies.


You can help by making necklaces and tote bags. We’ll provide training and all the supplies you need. You can also help by selling necklaces and tote bags and by giving them as gifts.


Click here for more information about Formula for Life™.

Honduras Agape Foundation (HAF) manifests the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Honduras by providing medical and dental health care; education assistance; construction; and support for the community of believers.


For more information about Honduras Agape Foundation and its various programs, or if you have an interest in supporting areas of greatest need, please contact Tom Britt.


Click here to visit the Honduras Agape Foundation website.

Local Mission Opportunities

Thank you for your contributions!

Please leave your contributions for ACTS in the baskets in the narthex wings.


February  - Complete Canned Meals (ex. beef stew)

March - Soap (dish, bath, or laundry)


Mission: Provides temporary and emergency aid, in the name of Jesus Christ to persons in need in the Aiken, SC area


Opportunities: Receptionist, interviewer, sorting and filling clothing orders, filling food orders, picking-up furniture, working Senior Food distribution, praying for the ministry

ACTS needs volunteers!


ACTS needs volunteers in many areas: which one is right for you?


  • Help customers & cashier in the Resale Store
  • Pick up food and donations
  • Help with special events
  • Provide some refreshments for special events
  • Sort donations
  • Help prepare the newsletter for mailing
  • Be a Senior Food Home Delivery substitute driver
  • Tackle small repair projects


Call 803.649.3800 for more information.

Mission:  Provides quality, affordable housing to partner families in need by binding together volunteers, businesses, local government, professional/social organizations, and churches.


Opportunities: Various tasks associated with construction of houses, services on various committees, various tasks at the ReStore and in the office

Mission: Dedicated to improving the quality of life for impoverished, uninsured residents of Aiken County by providing ongoing healthcare in a professional setting.


Opportunities:  Volunteer pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, physicians,nurses, receptionists, (checking patients in and out, answering phones, ordering/checking medications, and data entry)

Mission:  As a therapeutic childcare center serving 110 children everyday between the ages of 2 and 6, Children's Place works toward the vision of a safe and nurturing environment for every child in Aiken County


Opportunities:  Reading to the children, helping with homework after school, and answering the phone

Mission: Dedicated to meeting the needs of the poor and disadvantaged in our community by first providing basic needs of  food and clothing and then providing education and training in areas needed to secure and retain employment.


Opportunities: Preschool readiness; after school mentoring of children and youth ages 5-18; GED tutoring; and introduction to vocational skills (to name a few).

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