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Two Easy Ways to Order: Online or by Phone


Easy Online Ordering:

1.  Select necklaces from the website

2.  Click the order Necklace tab - don't forget to provide your mailing


3.  FFL will respond and provide a total amount due

4.  Mail your check, payable to First Presbyterian Church, to:

     224 Barnwell Avenue NW, Aiken, SC  29801


Once we have received your check, your necklaces will be mailed to you and are normally received in a few days.


Ordering By Phone

If you prefer to order by phone, just give us a call.  Simply have your list ready and call us @ 803-648-2662.  The church office is open Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Necklaces are arranged in alphabetical order. Necklaces in many school colors are available upon request.

It is the mission of First Presbyterian Church of Aiken, SC, (FPCA) to provide funds for the formula for this ministry so that these babies can be saved from the horror of HIV/AIDS.  Since 2009, a group of women at FPCA have made and sold necklaces from specialty yarns. The necklaces are surprisingly simple, attractive, and very affordable. Women also appreciate wearing this symbol of solidarity with mothers in a far away place struggling to provide a hope and a future for their children.  Since it began, our project has struck a chord with people well beyond our small community. We have committed to follow the nudging of the Spirit to share the story and the opportunity to join us in this project.


Photos of the necklaces are shown below. The necklaces are completed with knots and a sliding bead so that the necklace length can be adjusted.


Fund Raising Opportunity


If your church would like to raise money for missions, or any special project, we can help.  You may purchase our necklaces in 'bulk' and sell them at a price you determine for your project and keep the proceeds!

 For more information about this great opportunity, please contact Jim Kelley.

Mwandi Infant Formula Project

First Presbyterian Church, Aiken, SC, has been supporting the Mwandi Mission Hospital Project in Zambia since the early 1990s. Like most sub-Saharan countries in Africa, Mwandi suffers from a high incidence of HIV/AIDS. Many infants are born to HIV-positive mothers. If infants are HIV-negative at birth, they are immediately placed on infant formula to prevent transfer of the HIV virus from the mother via the breast milk.


Ida Waddell, a resident missionary in Mwandi, is head of the AIDS Relief Project in the area. She began the infant formula project even though the AIDS Relief Project would not pay for it. It costs about $2/day for each infant on formula. The formula program serves an average of about 40 infants in the program. Ida works hard to collect enough money from many global sources to buy formula for all of these infants.


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