Adding New Chapters to an Old Story

Sunday School

First Class

Join us in Room 32.

 This class studies the Bible, concentrating on one book at a time. Their goal is to better understand the meaning of scripture as it was written and how it applies to us today. They use a variety of resource materials and endeavor to conduct the class as a “small group,” caring for each other in addition to studying together. They are currently studying the Gospel of John, led by Dean Sackett.




Focus Class

Join us in the Conference Room.

 This class will begin the Sunday School year with the DVD study called “The Idea that Changed the World...the Story of Martin Luther.”

 This class also supports a child through World Vision and donates to the Honduras Agape Foundation.





Law Class

This class is named for Ernestine B. Law (2/4/1920 - 10/23/1999).

Join us in Room 26.

 The class studies the International Sunday School Curriculum, which is Biblical and based on the lectionary. The class makes contributions each week to support several missionaries as well as some local mission causes. All are invited to join.




Short Studies Class

Join us in the Fellowship Hall.

This class will begin the fall by using a DVD study called David by Andy Stanley. It explores the life of one of history’s most famous kings. In addition to meeting on Sunday mornings, this class also tries to have some type of social outing with fellowship once a quarter.


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